• Vinconnect Technology Services provides a variety of consulting services. A few examples, but not limited, are:

    Quality audits
    The most important element of every BPO operation is continuous measuring of its effectiveness in achieving the required results. We’ve built a large experience in evaluating of these results. We provide, as an independent consultant, these evaluation and improvement services.

    Research support
    Various scientific and non-scientific institutions do researchwork.Most important is to structure the data and findings in an efficient way, which allows analysis and report-generation. Vinconnect can provide these kinds of services, even overnight, in order to enable the researcher the next day to draw their first preliminary conclusions. We can work with a variety of databases and statistical solutions like Excel, Access, SPSS, etc.

    An important aspect of quality, especially for branch organizations is a structured comparison. Benchmarking between the various branches of an organization. Structured benchmarking can identify best practices, weak spots, and commercial chances. Such benchmark projects focuseson processes and performance and also on costs and revenues. We’ve built a large experience in complex and international environments. This can be done for large and small organizations.

    The establishment of captives
    Many medium size companies consider these days not outsourcing, but consider the possibilities of establishing an own subsidiary abroad Vinconnect Technology Services can provide all kind of facilities related to this, in particular the programmanagement and selection of the various partners for topics like legal, taxes, housing, recruitment, infrastructure etc.

    Services for Indian companies
    Vinconnect Technology Services has deep expertise in the Dutch, Indian and European markets, in various sectors. Vinconnect Technology Services can guide and support Indian companies who want to be operational abroad, by the establishment of agencies, subsidiaries, but also by identifying potential partners and acquisition targets.
    Financial services, education and trainings
    We have a broad experience in customized trainings in the Financial Services area; e.g. Banking; Basics and Advanced for Business Analysts and Consultants, Payments, SEPA, Supply Chain Management, Cash & Liquidity Management, Strategic Asset Allocation etc.

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